Bottle Spotting

Below is a list of places you can find our wines.  We’d like to take the time to thank each and every one of these fine establishments for supporting our label and basically being rad AF.  We’ll be doing our next bottling this spring, and also working on going live with direct to consumer shipping in a handful of states, so be sure to stay connected!


-Day Camp tasting room (Dundee)
-Ruddick/Wood (Newberg)
-Nostrana (Portland)
-SE Wine Collective (Portland
-Pix Patisserie (Portland)
-Lovely’s 50/50 (Portland)
-Mom & Pop Wine Shop (Retail, Portland)

New York

-BLVD Wine Bar (Long Island)
-Brooklyn Wine Exchange (Retail, NYC)
-The Dapper Goose (Buffalo)
-Empire Wine (Retail, Albany)
-High Street on Hudson (NYC)
-Long’s Wines (Retail, NYC)
-Lucas Confectionary (Troy)
-Momofuku Ssam Bar (NYC)
-The Owl’s Head (NYC)
-September Wine & Spirits (Retail, NYC)
-Twenty Two 2nd Street Wine Co (Retail, Troy)

New Jersey

-Brick Farm Tavern (Hopewell)
-The Farm & Fisherman (Cherry Hill)
-The Knife & Fork Inn (Atlantic City)

Pennsylvania & (Phila)
-Bar Marco (Pitt)
-The Farm & Fisherman (Horsham)
-Fork Restaurant (Phila)
-The Good King Tavern (Phila)
-Grapperia (Pitt)
-ITV (Phila)
-Kensington Quarters (Phila)
-Laurel (Phila)
-Martha (Phila)
-The Rarest (Phila)
-Sienna Mercato (Pitt)
-Townsend (Phila)
-Vedge Restaurant (Phila)
-Vernick (Phila)
-Zahav (Phila)

Wholesale Distribution

-David Bowler Wines (NY/PA/NJ)